Lighting Templates for Wedding Photographers

...your creative, artistic eye and intuition rather than purely focusing on the technicalities.

Lighting, like photography in general is inherently mathematical and formulaic by technique. Knowing this has in many ways impeded my growth in the past. Only when I realized that I gained insight and intuition while consistently delivered beautifully-lighted images did I understand that I was on to something, albeit unorthodox.

creating with your "right brain"

The Illuminate Series motto is lighting and

Filmed completely with off camera lighting

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The Illuminate Series will be an in-person class teaching film and digital photographers alike how I’ve gained confidence and learned to walk into any situation and confidently light it without being bogged down with technicalities. I know that if I learn, think, and work in a very “right brain” or visual way there have to be more people like me who also struggle with the endless technicalities of lighting.

(If you are unable to attend the in-person course, a follow up online course of all the recorded material will become available as well.)

Upon its release The Illuminate Series will be an in-person class...

you will certainly learn tools along the way with the Illuminate Lighting Templates.  (And have a little bit of a "cheat code” to hard spots on wedding days!)

Essentially these “templates” are common situations wedding photographers might find themselves in without a grasp of how to light them. Think of them as real life “drag and drops”. I have sketched out the setup, locations, settings, and gear used within each Lighting Template in addition to why I chose to do what I did (why did I choose Portra 800 here? Why did I place that light 20 feet away at that angle?).

While the best way to learn about lighting in the way I approach it would be to attend the Illuminate Series, take the online course, or even sign up for a 1-1 mentorship

Until the Illuminate Series release, I have The Illuminate Series Lighting Templates.

The Complete Collection

A full comprehensive list of the most common scenarios that wedding photographers run into on a wedding day. To see the full list of all 25, check out the individual templates listed below.

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From details to the first dance, you'll learn how to light the entire wedding day with confidence.

The Illuminate series templates Bundle

Bridal Portraits, First Dances, Speeches and more!

Full access to all # downloadable professional education templates for photographers wanting to perfect the art of lighting people.

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People and Portraits

The Illuminate series templates Bundle

Rings, Cake, Receptions, and Invitations Suites at Midnight!

Full access to all # downloadable professional education templates for photographers wanting to perfect the art of lighting details and spaces.

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Details and Overview

Explore the lighting templates

Have just a few scenarios that you’d like a bit more guidance? Have the flexibility of choosing individual templates below from the full Collection.

individual templates are $19 each

No1 - Reception Overview | Wood Barn

No2 - Bridal Portrait | Stone Room

No3 - Flat Lay | Neutral Wall Square Room

No4 - Cake | Neutral Wall Square Room

No5 - Toasts/ Speeches | Neutral Wall + High Ceiling

No6 - Candids | Warm Tone Walls

No7 - Floral Tablescape | Neutral Walls

No8 - Bridal Portrait | Neutral Hotel Walls

No9 - Ceremony | Stone Wall Wine Cave

No10 - Guest Candids | Tented Reception at Dusk

No11 - Speeches | Neutral Color Ballroom

No12 - Floral Centerpiece | Neutral Color Room

No13 - Floral Centerpiece | Clear Tent (Dark Overcast)

No14 - Bridal Prep | Neutral Bedroom

No15 - First Dance | Warm Tone Ballroom

No16 - Speeches | High Ceiling Ballroom

No17 - Place-setting Overhead | Warm Tone Ballroom

No18 - Rings + Details | Anywhere! 

No19 - Candids + Speeches | White Tent 

No20 - Reception Candids | Ballroom

No21 - Reception Overview | Neutral Ballroom 

No22 - Speeches/Candids | Cafe String Lights 

No23 - Recessional Portraits | Dark Cathedral 

No24 - Candids | Wine Cave

No25 - Light Streaked Tabletop - Tent/Neutral Space

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