Planner: Jenna Lam Events

Lab: Photo Impact Imaging

Florals/Styling: Jenna Lam Events

Venue: Private residence in St. Helena, CA


This is day 1 of 3 for the very talented, very beautiful Jenna from JLE (Jenna Lam Events) and ever so charming Alok. Alok and Jenna had a 3-day wedding affair full of color, ornate and original details, delicious food, and lots and lots of devilment in the most joyous way. It was a true visual feast. I can’t wait to show you more!

If you follow my Instagram stories, you might occasionally see I am an avid lover of Wikipedia, random facts, and love learning in general. Since we are overrun with white Western weddings, its fun to learn about different traditions and customs. For your learning pleasure:

The significance of a Haldi ceremony in an Indian wedding:

To ward off “evils”

To protect from any bad omens the couple might encounter before the wedding day.

As a Symbol of Blessings

Those who apply the haldi paste also send them love and blessings for a happy and healthy marriage.


According to ancient Hindu texts, turmeric is said to have purification powers.

For the Glow

Everything intangible aside, the haldi ceremony has actual physical benefits. The paste applied during the haldi ceremony is an antiseptic (no breakouts!). It also sloughs off dead skin to reveal glowing skin underneath. Also, the faint yellow stain left behind by the turmeric gives you an ethereal glow that is both beautiful and divine. …so it might not be a bad idea to sneak into your kitchen before your wedding and put a little turmeric to use other than for your next dinner.


During a Haldi ceremony in Napa Valley the groom has turmeric paste applied with a green leaf. A girl in a red dress applies turmeric paste on the bride during the outdoor haldi ceremony in Napa, California. Jenna Lam sits surrounded by friends with golden turmeric paste on her face. A bride and groom play and kiss smeared with turmeric paste during their haldi ceremony in St Helena, California.  The bride's father laughs as turmeric paste is handed to him to apply to his daughter in an outdoor haldi ceremony in Napa Valley. A beautiful backlit photo of Jenna Lam and Alok Patel snuggling while smeared with turmeric paste. A honey orange flower arrangement sits decorating a dinner table.Orange lit tapered candles and honey orange flower arrangement adorn three tables waiting for dinner guests in St. Helena after a Haldi ceremony.A honey orange flower arrangement sits with orange taper candles decorating a dinner table.Macro details of yellow delicate flowers with a larger table arrangement.A honey orange carnation flower arrangement sits decorating a dinner table with blood orange tapered candles.


Day 2 (Welcome Party) and Day 2 (Wedding!) coming soon.

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  1. Rebecca Martin says:

    Alok (treasured friend) and Jenna are the real deal! You have captured their personal truths and beauty of their delightful wedding and its celebrations as they represent and honor their cultures and traditions.
    I anticipate to learn about Day 2 and 3! I hope it will be soon…

  2. Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing

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