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Kelly (from A Savvy Event Sonoma – across the road so-to-speak), Chloe from Boxwood Avenue, and myself collaborated for Chateau Sonoma‘s grand opening and the launch of A Savvy Lifestyle, a branch of ASE. A Savvy Lifestyle is essentially “The Very Best of Wine Country Living” – if you’re local or are traveling to the area […]

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Wedding Day tips and tricks to save the day! (Or maybe just greatly help!) If you’re here and you haven’t read part 1 of my Wedding Tips Preparation series, you can find it HERE. So you’ve learned some wedding day tips and tricks earlier like what to look for when planning where you’ll get dressed […]

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A wedding day, no matter who you are marrying or what corner of the Earth your are choosing to do so is a dynamic and multifaceted affair. The time spent before your wedding ceremony is one filled with monumental moments whether you are a bride or a groom about to be married. When most people […]

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 Rachel and Jeremy are getting married this month (January) in a small ceremony at the Swedenbourgian Church in San Francisco, so to change things up a little we decided to do their engagement session here in Napa Valley (Yountville to be technical) where the weather is literally the opposite. (Well, not as I type…its a downpour for the last month […]

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2016 was an crazy ride. You might notice that I don’t have a ton of content on my blog anymore if you’re a longtime friend/bride/groom of mine. That’s because my website was hacked, friends. 9 years of content all gone. Poof. Disappeared. Its a long story and one I won’t bore you with but it […]

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