Wedding Day tips and tricks to save the day! (Or maybe just greatly help!)

If you’re here and you haven’t read part 1 of my Wedding Tips Preparation series, you can find it HERE.

So you’ve learned some wedding day tips and tricks earlier like what to look for when planning where you’ll get dressed (down to the wall color?!), and to keep that space clean (please!), have window light but what else? Why is this even important, you ask?

Well, dear bride/groom, because I said so! because the time before your wedding ceremony takes place is filled with not only opportunities for beautiful photographs, but behind those photographs can be real-life treasured memories. Why not make the most of it?

Wedding Day Tips and Tricks 3 – Get dressed! (Well, not you exactly)

To all the future bridesmaids and groomsmen in the world: do not wait until after your best friend has gotten her dress on/his suit or tux on to get out of your sweatpants. You will at some point need to help tie a tie or button a dress and those are moments which will be photographed whether you like it or not. A photographs last a long time. Like a really long time. Just think about you and that beautiful custom-made gown accented with the perfect makeup/hair/jewelry and insert you, the sweatpants wearing super star.

If you absolutely can’t arrange the timeline to have your friends get dressed before YOU do, then at least think about something comfortable they can wear while looking great. A trend that is popular right now are beautiful robes (at least for women, sorry guys). I personally don’t love everything match-y so ideally you could pick something in the same palette but perhaps different style or print. I’ve gone and picked out a few examples. You’re welcome: Pretty Plug Sugar

Now, see – isn’t that pretty?

A bride in a cream strapless dress is being button up a bridesmaid in burgundy and mother in purple at the Peninsula Hotel Chicago for Wedding Day Tips and Tricks


Wedding Day Tips and Tricks 4 – Give Yourself Breathing Room

I don’t mean loosen that belt or corset ties. I mean pad your schedule. By giving yourself the first part of your day filled with enough time, even if you run late later, your built in cushion of time will come to the rescue. In my history of doing weddings, I’ve had exactly 7 run exactly on time the whole day. SEVEN. (That seven were with amazing planners I should tell you.) And you know what caused this delay most of the time? Hair and Makeup. I’m not even blaming hair and makeup. As a bride (or groom) you want to look your best. With the kind of day it is, the level of perfectionism reaches new heights (purposefully not entering a hair joke here). Meticulous inspection often occurs from both the client and vendor side causing delays. If you think it will take 1 hour. Give yourself 1 hour and 30 minutes. And then when you are on time, you can go relax while you look perfect. 🙂

A bride dressed in a satin robe takes her wedding dress of the hook in Carneros, Inn Sonoma CA

Venues above in order: Peninsula Hotel in Chicago, Carneros Resort and Spa in Sonoma, and the Fairmount Hotel San Francisco

Getting married at one of the venues above or planning a wedding in California? Contact me HERE

All scans by Photo Impact Imaging

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